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The Venus White Range
Venus White is a complete offering of patient and practice friendly whitening systems

Venus White teeth whitening solutions provide superior results with minimal sensitivity, combined with business building marketing tools to promote whitening in your practice.


Venus White Max

  • Controlled by Clinician
  • Three or four 15-minute treatments with 38% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Contains potassium nitrate which helps decrease any sensitivity

Venus White Max Light Cure Gingival Barrier

  • Light Cure Gingiva barrier
  • Protecting soft tissue during treatment
  • Easily removed after treatment

Venus White Pro

  • Patients who prefer to whiten at home
  • Custom whitening treatment tailored to their lifestyle
  • Takes a patient's smile up to 8.4 shades whiter

Venus Comfort Gel

  • Desensitizing gel that contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
  • Provides a coating, sealing dentinal tubules of exposed dentin
  • Helps alleviate sensitivity related to bleaching with VW Pro

Venus White Ultra

  • Smart and convenient use
  • Entry level whitening solution
  • Opens doors to more advanced options

Venus White Touch Up Brush

  • Mint-flavored 9% hydrogen peroxide Formula used up to twice a day for two weeks
  • Great option to help maintain the results achieved from Venus White Pro or Max

Venus White Whitening Toothpaste

  • Low abrasion Formula protects enamel while gently removing surface stains
  • Contains fluoride, which aids in the prevention of tooth decay
  • Helps keep smiles bright and clean feeling